Stop by our meat market at 1300 N Prince St, Clovis, NM 88101.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our cattle are conventionally raised, meaning they spend the majority of their lifecycle grazing on grass or wheat pasture and are then finished on a grain ration for their last 100-180 days. We do use antibiotics if it is necessary for the animal's health. We believe it is our responsibility to maintain the health and welfare of our cattle and we use antibiotics conservatively and responsibly. However, all of the meat we sell is 100% free of antibiotics because we adhere to strict withdrawal periods and ensure the cattle have had no antibiotics in their system within the last 90-100 days of their lifecycle.

We do have limited quantities of all-natural beef available upon request ( no antibiotics and no added hormones). Please call 520-507-0811 to inquire about the current availability of all-natural products. 


For the time being, we only offer our homegrown beef online, which is killed and packaged at a USDA inspected facility so that it can be shipped and sold across state lines.  If you are local to the Clovis, NM area we also sell pork, chicken, and fresh seafood ( the last Thursday of every month) in store along with our locally raised beef.


If you are local to the Clovis area we recommend that you shop in store at our 1300 N Prince location or call ahead and place an order over the phone. The product we sell online is packaged at an offsite USDA facility so that it can be shipped across state lines and is slighter higher in price due to the additional processing/packaging costs. We also offer a much wider variety of products and proteins in store vs. online. 

If you received a gift card, gift certificate or online code and it is not working, please call 520-507-0811 and we will help you manually redeem your gift credit.